Generally speaking I never do “auditions” for ads or corporate use. If an advertiser, agency, production company or studio want me to voice an ad; there is the FINAL rate or the DEMO rate. An “audition” for an ad is called a DEMO and needs to be paid for as such. Refer my agent RMK Management.


If a studio, agency or prod company want me to contribute to a specific pitch they are proposing to an advertiser or agency; I may agree to contribute to this pitch for free, on the following terms :

If the pitch is unsuccessful - too bad, we all tried.

If the pitch is successful for the entity pitching and for me - freakin excellent!

If the pitch is successful for the entity pitching, but not for me - the entity pitching owes me the relevant fee for the work I did.

Free work on any pitch is a favour and I'm only likely to agree if you have given me work in the past and will continue to do so in the future.


If a studio, agency or prod company want me to contribute to some generic promotion for their company or services, I may agree to contribute for free. If I contribute on a promotional project, I consider that the studio, agency or prod company “owes me a favour”. They could gift me their first born - but it’s not necessary. I’ll settle for being top of mind for casting decisions. Doesn’t mean casting me as something I’m not suitable for. Also doesn’t mean casting me for something you would cast me for anyway. A good suggestion would be if someone requests me to do the NZ version, then please mention I am equally proficient with my Australian accent and frequently get booked to do both. 


Something that isn't a pitch or a promotion, just ask. Maybe I'm a supporter of what you're doing. Maybe I like you. Maybe I want to help out. If there's money somewhere in the job, I deserve my fee and I won't work for free. But if it's all an unpaid thing or it's super-speculative and my help may lead to good results for all of us - don't be shy. Be honest about what you are doing and just ask.    :)