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Cybernetic Big Five Theory

An adequate theory of personality must explain not only how individuals differ from each other in their persisting patterns of emotion, motivation, cognition, and behavior, but also why...

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Scott Barry Kaufman                SEP 2019

4.3 stars     1,240 citations       12,989 reviews

The Search for Meaningful Work

Meaningful work has increasingly been identified as a source of personal fulfillment, a protective factor against daily stress and adversity, and a key mediator linking job characteristics to important organizational outcomes. However, to date, positive...

Majorie P  Lipmann               SEP 2019

3.9 stars     921 citations       7,492 reviews

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Aishika P Vikram               SEP 2019

New computer modeling replicates clinical study from 1973 with cross referenced accuracy.

Lawrence Snowden               SEP 2019

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